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Traffic Guide and Guard

Traffic Guide and Guard

Duty of preventing accidents by sefely guiding construction vehicles and pedestrians, etc.

Mainly the operation of guiding construction vehicles and pedestrians, and managing entering and exiting vehicles in the construction site.
Because guiding ordinary vehicles and pedestrians is also important in traffic guiding and guarding, we guide them appropriately and safely to support so that the construction work progress safely and securely.

Guard in Events

Guard in Events

There are unspecified large number of people are coming to festivals and various kinds of events such as fireworks displays.

Therefore we perform our guarding operation based on the preparatory guard plan, such as deploying personnel and comprehending the whole site based on the predicted traffic lines of visitors, and supporting so that the procedure of the event is not disturbed.

Guarding Crowds

Guarding Crowds

We perform guarding to prevent accidents caused by overcrowding and crush in the crowd.

Because crush of people is apt to occur in a situation where numerous people come, appropriate guarding in the crowd is important.
As well as decreasing minor collisions of people or cars, we make efforts of regulation and public relation to mitigate the congestion.

Facility Guard

Facility Guard

In order to ensure the safety of the organization, we take every care to prevent crime and disaster.

In buildings where corporate offices are located, our resident staff perform guard against crimes and accidents.
Patrols and access controls are against suspicious people or things are done thoroughly to prevent accidents and crimes.

Shop Security Guarding

Shop Security Guarding

Patrols are performed against theft and to detect and monitor a suspicious person.

We perform patrols to prevent shoplifting mainly in facilities such as shopping centers or home centers.
Additionally we perform various kinds of guard, such as against a suspicious person or thing, and to prevent illegal act.

Guarding Parking Lots

Guarding Parking Lots

Guiding vehicular traffic in parking lots of large scale shopping facilities

We guide both people and vehicles in parking lots of commercial facilities such as home centers or shopping malls to prevent traffic accidents.
With the top priority in the safety of customers using the facility, wide range of services including quick and appropriate guidance to the parking space after confirming the availability and prevention of crimes including thefts, as well as guiding vehicles to prevent accidents.

Education system that suits the actual situation in the field


We are supplying employee training with "Faith," "Gentleness," and "Politeness" as the motto.

We supply employee training about the duty and basic attitudes of guards.

Especially, we are supplying employee training about social responsibility and roles of guards with the emphasis on the following matters:

  • Manners and basic actions of guards
  • Knowledge of relevant laws and regulation necessary for the duty
  • Communications and actions for the case
  • Etiquette and neatness
  • Importance of communication with the field and neighborhoods
  • Execution of repeated education based on various past cases

Requesting guards or quote for the duty

Hand shaking

Although there are numerous security companies in Japan, they differ extensively from each other, because each company has its "strong area" and "weak area" depending on the speciality.

We have accumulated achievements in Tokyo urban area during more than 20 years since the establishment in 1991.

Since we have rich track record of undertaking duties of big enterprises and large-scale facilities, you can rely on us for all kinds of guarding from small-scale to large-scale.

First of all, without any hesitation, please make request via the inquiry form. Our staff replies to you immediately.

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